Are Jet Air Threading Overlockers Worth The Money?

Threading an overlocker or serger requires precision because of the challenges involved when assembling. Jet air threading is the system created to champion the difficulties associated with threading your machine.

Instead of painstakingly ruffling to get each thread situated in its respective place, the jet air threading overlocker uses ‘air’ to put things together in the blink of an eye.

Once thread is added to the threading port and looper, the entire process is then managed by a lever (or button). After activating the lever, thread passes through the looper with a ‘jet’ or push of air. To setup the other loopers, the process is repeated.

How Do Jet Air Threading Overlockers Work?

Depending on the model, jet air threading overlockers will slightly differ in operation. However, the principle behind the air looping technology is analogous.

On the serger machine, threading ports are joined at the end of loopers by several tubes (usually two or three). Once the lever or button is activated, the tubes interlock and a surge of air is generated which accommodates transmission of the thread through the tubes.

The tubes make threading seamless and prevents the occurrence of tangles.

What are the Benefits of Jet Air Threading Overlockers?

Against using a traditional serger, jet air threading overlockers provide several benefits when used. These include:

  • Seamless Threading

Serger threading is a nightmare for tailors and seamstresses. With so many spools of thread to set up, some craft enthusiasts have retired their overlockers instead of going through the trouble.

With the jet air threading system, threading is easy and quick. It’s hassle-free, effortless, and controlled by a lever or button.

  • No Threading Order Restrictions

No restrictions. Traditional overlockers are so boring. They require that you thread your serger in a specific order. That restriction does not apply to jet air threading overlockers. You can thread your overlocker in whatever order you deem appropriate.

What’s also superb about this technology is that you don’t need to get anxious about positioning the threads as neat as a pin under the footer before you commence sewing.

  • Change Threads Without Affecting the Others

You know the struggles if you’ve been sewing for years. Some crafters prefer to use all white threads, because they dread the idea of changing a looper thread and having to rethread the others.

With an overlocker using the air looping system, you can change a thread and it doesn’t affect the others.

  • Tangle-Free Threading Experience

There’s nothing worse than contending with tangled threads. Not with this air looper serger. Thread is simply pushed through the loopers with the touch of a button. There’s no annoying mass or collection of lint.

Saves Precious Time

The jet air threading system is ideal for sewing projects. It significantly reduces the length of time spent on threading.

The technology is so seamless that it allows you to thread your serger in less than a minute. You can now dedicate more time on what’s important – sewing.

Check out a review of our favourite jet air threading overlocker below.

Juki MO-1000 Serger, Push Button Jet Air Looper Threader Review


The Juki M0-1000 is the overlocker that revolutionizes serging. It uses a nifty technology that brings out the beauty in your seams and edges. To influence the type of serger you use, let’s look at a few pros and cons of the Juki MO-1000.


  • Thread Like a Boss

You don’t have to be a professional to wield the Juki M0-1000 Serger like one. The machine is easy to use, and you’ll ditch those annoying beginner mistakes with only a few tutorials from the manual. You’ll be on your way to threading like a boss in no time.

  • Change Thread Colours on the Fly

This is a feature of the device to rave about. Since threading is ridiculously easy on the Juki M0, you can refine your projects by using different threads on the edges of your designs to sport a more professional look and finish.

Change your thread colors as often as you’d like to suit your designs without compromising or getting frustrated.

  • Refined and Appealing Stitch Quality

The stitch quality is amazing! The MO-1000 creates a pucker-free finishing, regardless of the quality and type of material. If you’re working with crimped or crinkled edge fabrics, MO-1000 creates a beautiful and flat finishing.

Adjustments to the differential dial feed makes it easy to work with stretched fabrics, including rayon, spandex, georgette, and knits.

  • Stealth and Smooth Operation

When you think about a serger, you readily associate it with noise. Everything is busy and loud. Not MO-1000. The air looping serger was designed to reduce noise so that your family can snooze while you design fabulously during the nights or early mornings.

  • Beautiful and Vibrant Seams and Edges

You can finally create your designs with flare and style. With the seamless threading feature and the adjustable differential dial feed, you can create stunning, vibrant, and multicolored edges to make your designs pop.

Get decorative edges, neat as a pin overlocked and ravel-free seams to go with any design.

  • Streamlined Inside Curves

The refined knife system of MO-1000 – 9.95mm separating the knife and needle – creates streamlined inside curves.

This adjustment is especially dandy when aiming for a professional, close, and tight curve around the neckline. Your blouses and shirts will look neater and fit better.

  • Juki MO-1000 Cleans Up for You.

After a long day of serging, you’ll be amazed at all the trimmings and thread left behind. The waste collector of MO-1000 picks up after you. While you serge, waste is deposited in the collector, making it easier to keep your work area organized and clean. Organization and cleanliness boost work productivity.


  • A Bit Pricy

Price will always be an issue, unless you have a treasury. The Juki MO-1000 is not cheap. However, instead of looking at the cost of acquiring the overlocker, focus more on what it can do for you and how it can streamline all your craft projects at home.

“You get what you pay for” and this air looping overlocker is worth every penny.

  • Takes a Bit of Time to Get Used To

Unless you’ve been using overlockers of this nature for years, you will face a bit of challenges along the way. This, of course, is expected. It’s standard practice to get acquainted with a new equipment and the Juki MO-1000 is no exception.

The overlocker should be accompanied by a manual and a CD. Ensure to follow the tutorials to get set up properly. That way, you’ll ditch the frustration and enjoy your new found love.

  • Not Kid-Friendly

The Juki MO-1000 might not be the ideal machine to use if you’re thinking about teaching your kids how to sew because of the bluntness of the blade. If they are 10 years and under, hold off on the tutorials.

Is the Juki MO-1000 worth it? You’re allowed to draw your own conclusion. With the jet air threading system, a refined knife for streamlined curves, smooth-running and stealth technology, appealing stitch quality, decorative edges, and so much more, you can get so much done with this overlocker.