Jaguar Advanced 099 Overlocker Review

jaguar advanced 099 overlocker review


What makes the the Jaguar Advanced 099 Overlocker so special? How will it make my sewing life easier? Is it a 2, 3, or 4 thread device? Why is there a zero in front of the 99? Well, these are great questions for aspiring hobbyists looking to take the next step toward improving their sewing prowess.

What makes the Jaguar Advanced 099 Overlocker worthwhile?

The best features include:

  • An easy to access color marked interweaving system makes threading easy.
  • A full stitch speed of 1300 every minute. 
  • Two pairs of starter threads reduce the chances of messing up the finishing of any fabric.
  • A piping foot, a blind hem stitch foot for better finishing, as well as a gathering foot.


The Jaguar Advanced 099 Overlocker has always been amongst the best choices of sewing machines on the market. It offers fantastic finishes and the use of different fabrics from fragile satin and silks, to rugged denim and fleece materials. The 2019-updated version keeps the sewing process smooth, thanks to the rolled hem feature that allows you a better vision of the stitching. Besides, the right and left needle give narrow and wide options of this overlocker’s many stitch formations.


Undoubtedly, one of the most challenging issues when using an overlock machine is color-coding. Nevertheless, the Jaguar Advanced 099 Overlocker has a front cover drops down and features an open cap on the left-hand side. This reveals ample space allowing you to access the thread guides much more conveniently. Besides the rolled hem setting, it has a changeable differential feed making it a one of a kind tool to have for a fine finish on delicate garments such as lingerie. Another significant selling point of the Jaguar Advanced 099 Overlocker is that you can switch from 2 to 3 and 4 threads with ease

The Jaguar Advanced 099 Overlocker Accessories include:

  • A Stitch finger
  • A needle set
  • A brush
  • A screwdriver
  • A machine cover
  • A spanner
  • An oiler
  • Tweezers
  • A thread net
  • A spool disk/holder/clap
  • A foot control 
  • An instructions manual.


  • The Jaguar Advanced 099 Overlock Machine has superior durability and robust construction compared to its predecessor. 
  • The open cover and the advanced color-coded interweaving system ensures its user friendly.
  • These machines come with a wide array of accessories, with the addition of a three-year warranty.
  • 1300 stitches per minute is a remarkable stitching velocity.


  • The first setup of this Jaguar Overlocker may cause issues for some users.

Customer Review Summary 

Determining the best overlocking machine in the market today is dependent on several criteria, including the quality of the finish, the robustness and reliability of the device, the accessories offered, and the price. The Jaguar Advanced 099 Overlocker has one of the best construction platforms in the clothing business and is highly reliable and robust. Additionally, the advancements made over the years have ensured that it can handle all kinds of fabrics. It has different thread counts, is easy to use, and maintain, thus making it a good value product for its cost. I might not know the finest overlock machine in the market today, but I wouldn’t count out the Jaguar Advanced 099 as being at the top of the list. And, unfortunately, we do not know why there is a zero in front of the 99.