Brother 3034D Overlocker Review

Brother 3034D Electric Sewing Machine

Are you a sewing enthusiast who likes making your own clothes and home décor items but can never manage to achieve the perfect finishes you see on store bought clothes? If so, you should consider investing in the Brother 3034D Overlocker. Like all well-built overlockers/sergers, the Brother 3034D delivers a professional finish that will not fray or unwind. This machine also offers easy threading and it can be used on all sorts of materials with ease. Furthermore, it comes fitted with all the features needed to enjoy a fast, fun, and easy sewing experience.

Provides One-Step Functionality

When it comes to ease of operation, very few overlockers can beat the Brother 3034D. This machine will enable you to finish raw edges with an overlock stitch while trimming excess seam allowance simultaneously. With this one-step functionality, you get to enjoy 2 key benefits: an easy sewing time and speed that allows you to finish all of your sewing projects quickly.

Features F.A.S.T Threading Lower Loop

With the Brother 3034D, you’ll never have to worry about mastering a difficult threading system, which is one of the reasons why people avoid investing in overlockers in the first place. The Brother machine features a F.A.S.T threading lower loop system that’s so easy to learn, allowing even beginners to expertly thread the machine in a short amount of time.


This F.A.S.T threading lower loop system is backed up by colour-coded threading guides to provide you with an even easier threading experience. What’s more, an instructional DVD is included in the overlocker’s packaging to further help speed up your overlocker threading learning curve.

Protects Against Thread Twisting

One of the things that make many people nervous about a serging project is that overlockers do not leave much room for mistakes. This is because these little machines deliver fairly permanent stitches that require a lot of painstaking work to undo. But luckily for you, the Brother 3034D pulls out all the stops needed to ensure smooth and flawless sewing experience. In addition to the easy threading system, this machine also has a thread-twist protection system that ensures thread twisting will not interfere with the finish of your projects.

Fitted with a Free Arm Flat Bed

Sewing cuffs and sleeves is difficult enough without you having to work with limited space. Brother understands this and has fitted this overlocker with a free-arm flatbed convertible sewing surface solely designed to provide easy control when over locking cuffs and sleeves. This feature produces professional results on your cuffs and sleeves and also helps you save time.


  • Thread nets
  • Dust cover
  • Spool caps
  • Needle replacement hexagonal screwdriver
  • Needle pack
  • Lint brush
  • Tweezers
  • Blind stitch hem foot
  • Trim trap
  • Instructional DVD


  • The Brother 3034D machine measures 38.8 x 35 x 33.2 cm.


  • Allows differential feed adjustment to help cope with demanding fabrics
  • Features an electronic foot control that provides you with greater speed control
  • Built-in rolled hemming function can be activated with the flick of a lever
  • Combines adjustable stitch length, cutting width, and differential feed to provide you with incredible versatility
  • The machine’s looper cover doubles up as a storage tray that lets you keep your accessories close by for easy access whenever needed
  • Has built-in lighting that keeps your work area well lit
  • All controls of the overlocker are easy to access
  • Offers a carry handle for easy portability
  • Sews at 1300 stitches-per-minute
  • Offers plenty of stitch options including 4 thread overlock, 3 thread overlock(wide and narrow), flat locks, pin tuck, blind hemming, and others


  • Accessories and spare parts of the overlocker are quite costly
  • The machine is a little noisy

Consumer Ratings
With a high overall rating from past users, the Brother 3034D comes highly recommended by people who have had the opportunity to test it for themselves. Therefore, you can be sure that the machine will not disappoint. Some of the most loved things of this overlocker include its ease of use, professional finish on sewing projects, versatility, and the free arm and built-in rolled hem features.

Brother 3034D Electric Sewing Machine

If you want to give your sewing projects a professional finish, this overlocker from Brother can help you achieve your goal with ease. Its seams lie flatter and look better compared to those created by any regular sewing machine. Additionally, if your sewing projects feature a lot of rolled hems, then the Brother 3034D overlocker would make a great buy as it has a dedicated function just for that. On top of those two plus points, this unit makes light work out of creating difficult sleeves and cuffs since the machine’s free arm flat bed will aid you in your job. Simply put, whatever your sewing needs are, you can rely on this overlocker’s unbeatable quality, excellent engineering, and combination of versatile features.

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