Choosing the right overlocker is a very important decision. It requires quite a bit of research on brands, models, price ranges, users’ reviews, and whether a particular brand offers repair services in your area.

But the first and most important step of making an informed decision is knowing what you want. What are your sewing interests and needs? Do you plan on just sewing outfits? Or will you also be stitching cushions, curtains, and quilts? Do you work with thick and heavy fabrics or thin and lightweight ones? Are you an advanced sewer looking for a long-term investment in a professional overlocker that you can use for a variety of projects? Or are you just starting out and require something basic for now? 

These are just some of the questions you must ask yourself. Once you’ve come to understand your requirements, your choices will already have narrowed down. And that is where you will find this article particularly helpful. 

Here’s our selection of 2021’s 10 best overlockers – basic, professional, and advanced. We hope you enjoy exploring these options as much as we enjoyed writing about them!

RankOverlockersThread OptionsMax Speed
(stitches per minute)
Sophistication LevelPrice Range
1Juki MO7352/3/4/5 Thread Overlocker with Coverstitch & Chainstitch1500AdvancedOver $1000
2Singer Pro 52/3/4/5 Thread Overlocker1300Professional$500 – $1000
3Jaguar Advanced2/3/4 Thread Overlocker with
Built-in Rolled Hem
1300BasicUnder $500
4Bernina L 4602/3/4 Thread Overlocker1500ProfessionalOver $1000
5Juki MO-10002/3/4/ Air Threading with
Differential Feed & Rolled-Hem
1500Advanced$500 – $1000
6Baby Lock Enspire2/3/4 Thread Overlocker1500Intermediate$500 – $1000
7Juki MO-734DE2/3/5 Thread Overlocker with
Differential Feed & Automatic Needle Threader
1500Advanced$500 – $1000
8Janome 9300DX3/4 Thread Overlocker1500BasicUnder $500
9Brother 4234D2/3/4 Thread Overlocker1300BasicUnder $500
10Huskylock S152/3/4 Thread Overlocker1300IntermediateUnder $500

1. Best Overlocker – Juki MO735 (over $1000) 

2/3/4/5 Thread Overlocker with Coverstitch and Chainstitch
Max Speed: 1500 spm

This is a top-of-the-line overlocker/coverstitch machine with an extensive variety of features, stitches, decorative techniques, thread adjustments, and sewing settings. 

Juki MO735 combines the creative super-strength of an overlocker with a coverstitch machine that can create coverhems from three categories: 2-needle wide, 2-needle narrow, and 3-needle. Its other advanced applications include a beautiful chainstitch and the coveted 5-thread safety stitch. Moreover, since this is a 2/3/4/5 thread overlocker with an extra high presser foot, it can work with a vast variety of fabrics and can sew thick, multiple layers.

It can sew from a variety of 24 stitches while allowing detailed adjustments in each of its features and settings. To the delight of many, this super-fast overlocker sews relatively quietly and is well-known for being powerful and durable. 

Juki MO735 offers a color-coded threading system. However, since it is so advanced, it requires prior study and practice. Most sewers feel that Juki MO-735’s manual is not particularly clear but this is hardly a roadblock given the many helpful video tutorials available on Youtube.

This overlocker allows near-complete professional control and is ideal for the creative types wishing to explore endless stitching possibilities and a range of projects. Worth every penny!


  • Top-of-the-line product
  • Overlocker with chain stitch & cover stitch
  • Automatic rolled hems
  • 24 stitch types
  • Micro safety switches on the front and sides 
  • Very solid construction
  • High speed


  • Practically none

2. Best Mid-Priced Overlocker – Singer Professional 5 14T968DC ($500-1000)

2/3/4/5 Thread Overlocker 
Max Speed: 1300 spm
Sewing Personality: PROFESSIONAL

The Singer Pro 5 is an overlocker and coverstitch machine, offering 14 stitch variations, and a variety of hem finishes, seam finishes, and decorative edges. It can sew over a range of materials from delicate sheers to super-stretchy knits to sturdy tweeds. What many users particularly like about this model is that it can directly switch to automatic-rolled-hem sewing with the slide of a lever.

This overlocker comes with variance presser feet expanding its capabilities to include sewing on elastics, beads, gatherings, and more. It also features an extra high presser foot lifter for thicker fabrics and multiple layers.

If you’re looking to make a one-time investment and want a super-durable sewing unit then Singer Pro 5 is your safest bet. The core structure of this machine is heavy-duty metal, while its arm features a smooth stainless steel surface.

Adding further to the sewer’s convenience is a super-handy reference diagram that shows each stitch and its corresponding settings. Since this machine has a self-adjusting tension system, all the sewer has to do is select the desired stitch and the overlocker will adjust automatically.

This overlocker has a manual color-coded threading system that the user will love if they’re into conventional threading


  • Durable
  • Heavy-duty metal frame 
  • Stainless steel bedplate
  • Extra high foot presser 
  • Super-handy diagram on the machine
  • Self-adjusting tension system. 
  • 2-in-1 overlocker with coverstitch machine 


  • Detailed threading system
  • Not for beginners or impatient types
  • Requires you to study the manual
  • Technical settings since it has a lot to offer

3. Budget-Friendly – Jaguar Advanced Overlocker (Under $500)

2/3/4 Thread Overlocker with Built-in Rolled Hem
Max Speed: 1300 spm
Sewing Personality: BASIC WORKHORSE

The Jaguar Advanced Overlocker (previously known as Jaguar Advanced 097 Overlocker) is a strong-structured machine that can efficiently perform all the basic overlock functions. It runs smoothly and can work well with a range of materials from lightweight flimsy silks and furs to tweed, sturdy denim, and even leather. This machine can perform rolled-hems on lightweight fabrics. 

What we love about this overlocker is that it consists of metal parts as opposed to cheap plastics that break apart easily. Weighing at 9 kg, this is a heavy, sturdy, and durable piece of machinery that can last. 

This overlocker, which comes pre-threaded, has been praised by beginners for its straightforward choice of settings, easy threading system, and an exceptionally clear and comprehensive instruction manual.

This overlocker has a reputation for becoming easier to use after some time. What makes it such a favorite among regular sewers is that this machine opens up well enough to allow easy cleaning and maintenance.


  • Consists of metal parts
  • Budget-friendly 
  • Clear & Comprehensive instruction manual
  • Smooth, heavy, sturdy, durable
  • Excellent first overlocker
  • Can be threaded without tweezers


  • Basic
  • May get noisy

4. Bernina L 460 (over $1000)

2/3/4 Thread Overlocker 
Max Speed: 1500 spm
Sewing personality: PRECISION & FINESSE

Bernina L 460 features a freehand system with a knee-operated presser-foot lift. This allows sewers to use both hands to manage fabric while controlling the presser foot with their knee. This feature significantly improves fabric handling, especially when sewing silky, slippery, lightweight materials of larger size, and helps achieve perfect results.

The Bernina L 460 comes with a useful set of accessories and a wide slide-on table for more space. This table extends the sewing area to the left side of the needle, allowing larger fabric pieces to glide over easily while giving a better overview of the garment.

This overlocker comes with the “Micro Thread Control”— a feature that ensures perfect fine-tuning of the over-edge threads. The user sets thread tension only once to achieve consistent high-quality stitches even if they change the fabric’s thickness or cutting widths. 

Featuring 16 stitches, Bernina L460 offers a sea of applications with decorative threads. It is ideal for woven and stretchy fabrics and allows super-fast patchwork piecing for quilts. 

Bernina machines are known for being quiet and this particular overlocker certainly upholds its reputation. 


  • Easy threading 
  • Exact speed control
  • Stitch-by-stitch sewing option
  • Freehand system
  • Micro thread control
  • Ideal for projects requiring extra fabric handling while sewing
  • Slide-on table for more space 
  • Quick, professional & durable
  • Solid & heavy (13.2 kg)
  • Ideal for quilting 
  • Quiet 


  • Not for someone who isn’t open to control the presser foot with their knees
  • Steep price

5. Juki MO-1000 ($500 – 1000)

2/3/4 Air Threading with Differential Feed & Rolled-Hem
Max Speed: 1500 spm
Sewing personality: MULTI-PURPOSE PERFECT

The biggest plus of the Juki MO-1000 is its super-fast, hassle-free, revolutionary air-threading system. The overlocker can be quickly and effortlessly threaded from the threading hole to the looper with a very singular, strong puff of air coming from the electric motor. And what’s really a relief is that these threads can be applied in any order. What’s more, the very next step of threading the needle is automatic as well. This machine has thus made threading — the one dreaded aspect of overlocking — a complete joy.

This model can sew pipings, beads, elastics, cords, and gathers with its many function-specific feet. It offers various stitch patterns including a flatlock, 2 types of rolled-hems, and four types of overlocks, all applying a variety of thread counts. 

This model features an adjustable differential feed that gives your sewing the finesse necessary to a professionally created piece. Not only does this feature allow you to work across a breadth of fabric weights and types, but it also creates beautiful ruffles and lettuce edges. 

Juki MO-1000 is engineered to minimize sound, ensuring quieter operating noise and reduced vibration.


  • Quiet 
  • Easy breezy threading setup
  • Automatic needle threader in just 3 steps
  • Sews beautiful sharp curves
  • Suitable for people with eyesight issues
  • Offers great workspace
  • Offers a safety feature


  • Air threader might require repair sometimes

6. Baby Lock Enspire ($500-1000)

2/3/4 Thread Overlocker
Max Speed: 1500 spm
Sewing Personality: COMPACT & CONVENIENT 

Baby Lock Enspire is a small and strong overlocker known for its easy-to-use setup. It features manual thread tension that can be adjusted according to the fabric and desired stitch. This overlocker has an extra high presser foot and can easily stitch thick fabrics like alpine fleece as well as multi-layered jerseys.

Enspire can sew eight types of stitches including the satin stitch, rolled hem, and a variety of wide and narrow, flatlocks and overlocks.

This model has the jet-air threading system that threads the loopers with the press of a lever. It then requires a mechanical needle threader to thread the needle. Enspire’s other convenient features include a built-in LED light, a cute little trim bin, and a helpful accessory compartment.

What we love about this model is its acrylic glass extension table that suddenly expands the working space.

Since it opens on the side, this overlocker is very quick and easy to clean.


  • Jet air threading 
  • helpful stitch pattern book
  • Features built-in adjustment
  • Built-in accessory compartment 
  • Easily sews thicker fabrics and multi-layers
  • Easy to clean


  • Relatively loud
  • Small foot pedal
  • Manual thread adjustment

7. Juki MO-734DE Overlocker ($500-1000) 

2/3/5 Thread Overlocker with Differential Feed and Automatic Needle Threader
Max Speed: 1500 spm
Sewing Personality: STURDY & ACCOMMODATING

The Juki 700 series is known for achieving any overlock or decorative stitch and this model does just that with 15 stitch options. Juki MO-700 allows you to practice advanced techniques including deco flatlocks, deco ladders, or blanket stitches. 

This is the most accommodating overlocker that can work across a wide range of materials from lightweights to heavyweights, from delicate to sturdy varieties, but even the most stubborn, difficult-to-feed fabrics. Its adjustable foot pressure dial gives this machine the capacity to sew any fabric variation, simply by increasing or decreasing foot pressure. On top of this, Juki MO-1000 features an extra high foot lift that allows sewing thicker fabrics.

This model has a color-coded, numbered threading system that facilitates quick and easy laying-in of thread. Once the thread is set in the loopers, it can then be threaded in the needle automatically with the push of a single button.

This overlocker is ideal for someone working on a variety of projects with various fabrics, techniques, and sewing requirements. 


  • Accurate seam allowances
  • Fast
  • Offers overlock and decorative stitches
  • Accommodates various fabrics
  • Advanced applications 
  • Automatic rolled hem


  • Threading between stitch switches takes time
  • Manual threading

8. Janome 9300DX (Under $500)

3/4 Thread Overlocker 
Max Speed: 1500 spm
Sewing Personality: BASIC & FAST

Janome 9300DX uses standard ballpoint needles ideal for sewing jersey knits, tricots, swimwear materials, and cotton knits. Though this is an entry-level overlocker it sews impeccably and gives the desired professional finish.

Janome claims this particular model has a “whisper-quiet operation” and it truly upholds the promised noiselessness. 

This overlocker has color-coded threading, electronic foot control, and an extra-high presser foot lifter so it can sew thicker layers. Its other features include lay-in thread tension dials, rolled hem conversion, differential feed, adjustable cutting widths, variable stitch length, and variable seam width. This machine has a retractable upper knife which means it can stitch decoratively as well.

Since this model offers a basic stitching variety, it is more suited for beginners or those who just intend to use it as a supplement to their sewing machine.


  • Extra high presser foot lift
  • Works better with heavier needles
  • Ideal for beginners.
  • Budget-friendly
  • Sturdy
  • Easily available service and repair
  • Helpful instructional DVD


  • Jumps about a little at higher speeds 
  • Difficult threading
  • Lightweight plastic parts

9. Brother Overlocker 4234D (Under $500)

2/3/4 Thread Overlocker
Max Speed: 1300 spm

This is a lightweight, introductory level, 2/3/4-thread overlocker from Brother’s Domestic series with 9 stitch variations and four types of presser feet. This model has an adjustable differential feed, easy rolled hem, and a quick lower looper threading system. What many users love about its threading is that the bottom looper can be slid aside for more accessible threading space. Owing to its easy threading, this model is recommended for infrequent users who may forget how to thread it, since they can easily catch up again.

It features a free-arm/ flatbed convertible sewing surface that gives better control when overlocking baby clothes, trouser legs, sleeves, and cuffs. Moreover, this model comes with an extension table with compartmentalized storage space, perfect for keeping threads, needles, and other accessories. It also has a trim trap that not only secures fabric scraps but can also easily store the foot control when not sewing.

Brother 4234D is large for its price, but since it is lightweight, it works better with lightweight fabrics. Although it can sew heavier materials, it’s best to not weigh it with a frequent heavy load.  


  • Large for its price
  • Free arm/ flatbed
  • Convenient for infrequent sewers
  • Extension /storage table
  • Arrives pre-threaded from the factory.
  • 3 years return to base warranty


  • Vibrates and makes noise
  • Can’t take a continuous load
  • Cheap plastic parts

10. Husqvarna Viking Huskylock S15 Overlock Machine (Under $500)

2/3/4 Thread Overlocker 
Max Speed: 1300 spm
Sewing Personality: EASY TO USE

Husqvarna’s Huskylock line is known for its ease of use and professional results. It offers 15 different stitches and features a universal standard presser foot that can be used for all built-in stitches. This foot is suited to a variety of fabrics and layers and can sew everything from curtains and quilts to collars and cuffs. The slim design of its convertible free arm makes it ideal for sewing tubular shapes such as that of sleeves and cuffs.

Huskylock S15 comes with a built-in extended carrying handle that allows moving the overlocker without tangling the threads. Another plus of this overlocker is that it has an extension table and features a ruler on its body for quick and accessible measurements. 

Huskylock S15 performs smoothly at great speeds and has a pretty straightforward threading system that some users feel is simple enough even for first-timers. It comes with a clear instruction manual and DVD that has been praised for its animated step-by-step instruction style. This model can also easily disengage cutters for special techniques and decorative stitching.


  • Flexible, reliable, and versatile
  • Easy threading 
  • Durable knife
  • Convertible free arm
  • Helpful DVD
  • Extension table
  • Ideal for beginners and professionals alike


  • The free arm may be hard to detach
  • Thread tension setting may be tricky
  • Small sewing space

So Which Overlocker should you choose?

The overlockers above feature quite a spectrum of sewing features, each machine being unique in its own right. Which one is the best overlocker? Well, here’s a piece of advice:

All overlockers are relatively complicated at first sight. They require studying, going over instruction manuals and DVDs, and watching helpful tutorial videos. And lucky for us, Youtube has lots to offer on that front. 

Take your time in familiarizing yourself with your machine’s threading system, which for many is the trickiest aspect of overlocking. Threading processes come with a bit of a learning curve, so don’t be intimidated. Just be patient and practice, and once you’ve learned your way around your machine, you’ll be so ready to take on the sewing world!